Meet Mélanie Vallée

Westfield Century City Launch September 2017

With over 20 years of experience in large-scale deployments in IT and Telecommunications industry, Mélanie is a recognized Canadian leader in telecommunications, entertainment, news media and culture.

In the past years, Mélanie has developed a niche skill set in technology built for sports venue and retail industry from Architecture/Design to Delivery. She has help Westfield organization achieve its vision of creating state of the art iconic shopping destinations for its customers by transforming center technology infrastructure solutions into profitable ventures that deliver great experiences for retailers, consumers, and partners.

Mélanie was also involved in the built for Vidéotron Center where she was responsible for the overall Client experience including web sites, mobile application, POS, Ticketing, corporate applications and the network technologies that supported the entire suite of offerings.

Ms. Vallée holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters Degree in Communication from the University of Montreal, where she majored in Human Computer Interface Ergonomics. While pursuing her graduate studies, she was recognized by the Governor General of Canada as well as received a scholarship from Bell Canada